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This Little Piggy Went to Market...

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And has a whole new reason to cry “wa wa wa” all the way home.

This morning I had my first Finance 301 class. It’s just me and one other girl in my group with our Hungarian professor. His English is good, but his accent is bad. He is very nice, though, and is patient with us.
Our class ended at one, and she and I walked across the street to the market to get some Hungarian lunch. The main level of the market is exactly what you would expect in a movie: there is stand after stand of fresh meat (though the freshness of some of it may be questionable), fruits, vegetables, spices, oils, and baked goods. The building looks like it might have been an old train station with its large-faced clocks and towering windows hanging over the bustling crowd. Upstairs, there are hundreds more stands, each offering a unique selection of leather, lace, and other useless trinkets that are meant to sit in your house and collect dust. My favorite part of the market is on the upper level, but on the opposite side of all the stands: the food. There are several food stands and one restaurant, which is where I ate the other day with the same girl in my finance class, and I might have already mentioned that. Anyway, today we decided to try something new, and ended up in front of the most crowded stand in the entire building. The stand sold crepes and some other pizza-looking thing. I went for a “classic” crepe that had ham, cream cheese, red onion, and cheese wrapped up inside the thin pancake. They cook it right in front of you on this small round grill, and EVERYONE wants to get a look at what they are doing back there. Unfortunately, that was just about the only place to stand and wait for our food, so half of the tourists in Budapest were pushing Lynsey and I out of the way to catch a glance at our food being made (which really isn’t all that exciting; they drip dough on the grill, smooth it around, and add your toppings. Big whoop.) So, being the patient person you all know me to be, I started getting a little peeved that everyone kept shoving into my backpack when there was five feet of space behind me that people could get through. Pushy Americans. One lady literally touched my arm and pushed Lynsey and I apart so she could look in at the goings-on. I swear if I wouldn’t have caught Lynsey’s eye mid-swing, I would have popped that lady in the jaw.

So, we finally got our food and cruised around to find a seat. This is very difficult because the walkways are small, very crowded, and our crepes were about a foot long. Finally we decided on these decrepit bar stools and crooked table. The food was absolutely delicious. I think that stand is going to be seeing a lot of me.
Unfortunately, when I was sliding off of my crappy stool, the metal surrounding the cushion punctured a hole in my jeans right underneath my back right pocket, and with the force of me stepping off of the stool, ripped a hole the size of Manhattan in my new pair of jeans. I’m glad I wasn’t cut; however, the weather here has been cold and rainy, and I only brought three pair of jeans with me. Not to mention I had to walk all over Budapest with my butt showing. I’ve probably only furthered Europeans’ opinion of American women as scandalous.
Today, I had to work on some official stuff that I needed to use the Internet for at school, but everyone else was ready to leave, so I stayed behind to finish my business. I am very proud of myself because I have mastered not only the about-ground tram, but also the underground train in Budapest. And I took both to get home—all by myself! I feel like I have grown up so much since I’ve been here, and I have hardly completed a fraction of my trip. I can’t wait to see what else Europe has in store for me. : )



P.S. I have horrible Internet access at the moment, so I’m not on Skype or Facebook as much as normal. I apologize to those who I’ve not spoken to since I left. I promise I’m trying my best, but with little to no Internet, my abilities are hindered. That being said, please be patient with me! I still love you, and I WILL get to talk to you all soon. ;)

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Hey Love,
I'm so glad you are enjoying your classes! This makes me soooo happy! I am so sorry about your jeans mishap... I hope they aren't the ones I always tell you that you look gorgeous in! I will try to get on skype more to see if I can catch you because we need to actually talk so I can hear about everything first hand! Love you and miss you tons!

by Samantha

Ha ha thanks girl..

Nah it was my pair with the hole in the knee that Eric loves so much. He's going to be so disappointed when he learns I'm going to throw them away.

by drhoades

Hahahaha. I don't want to break the news to him. I'm afraid he might take it pretty hard...
You're gonna have to do that.
But aside from that, your comedy in these posts is wonderful. You should be a writer :)

by Stephanie

Dana!! I hope you are having soo much fun. We miss you here, and I can't wait until you come back to tell me all of your stories! Love you tons, and bring me back something good (Like a man!) xoxo cass

by Cassie Maurer

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